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Finding Holes in China's Great Firewall

Net gains bridge cultural gap Computer engineer sets up a cyber-student exchange between China and the US











Singing for Survival Beijing opera used to be prime-time entertainment. Now its principals are ageing, apprentices are leaving and cash-strapped troupes play to empty houses or for foreign tourists

The Fat Lady is Singing Beijing opera seeks to reinvent itself in order to survive

Hooked on Fantasy Everquest, the popular multiplayer videogame for adults, is hitting China in a big way

Breaking the News The market is starting to unleash the media in China

Bobos in Shangri-la Just when China 's new affluents have begun to enjoy their bourgeois, lifestyle (a downtown apartment, flashy automobiles and Starbucks mochaccinos), along comes a book from America to stir up their latte lifestyles











Night Life in Beijing Beijing night life is doing a fast catch-up in the new millenium

Confucius Learning the old ways; Chinese disillusioned with both communism and capitalism are turning back to the ancient moralism of Confucius

Schlock Goes East Competition is bringing a more Western taste for sex, violence and melodrama to Chinese television

No Sex Please, We're Chinese A soft-spoken, bespectacled academic is heading a campaign to teach his fellow Chinese that sex is not a dirty word. So far, it's been an uphill battle







Trail of An Unknown Voice The mysterious poet Shuangqing: was the 18th century poet a female peasant or a male scholar? Two very different academics work to unravel the mystery

Phoenix Rising A Hong Kong satellite-TV station leads the way in opening up China's airwaves to outside influences





Change is Brewing Things are perking up nicely for Beijing's growing numbers of coffee lovers

Breathing in Bejing How bad is it?


Mao Fever enriches his home town