Myanmar's Suu Kyi Says Reforms Stalled, West Too Optimistic

Myanmar journalist killed by army was former bodyguard of Suu Kyi

Only three political prisoners among thousands released in Myanmar

MSF urges Myanmar to allow it to resume work as health crisis worsens

Myanmar students protest against education law for third day

Myanmar jails reporters, newspaper boss for 10 years

Jail, lawsuits cast shadow over Myanmar media freedom

Chinese Government Institutionalizes People Against Their Will: Chinese Human-Rights Defenders

Every year, thousands of healthy Chinese are forcibly locked up and ‘treated’ in mental institutions, according to a new report by the Chinese Human Rights Defenders.

A Chat With Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei—artist, sculptor, and the brains behind the Bird’s Nest, the signature venue of the Beijing Olympics—was arrested by authorities two years after the final cheers of the XXIX Olympiad. Seized at the Beijing airport, police raided his offices and detained him for 81 days in a secret location...

Citizen Activism

For decades, China watchers played down the rise of a viable opposition to the Communist Party, citing the invincible iron hand of the Party and excessive government controls, which made it impossible for citizens to organize.

Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng’s Nephew Faces Assault Charges

Chen was taken away in the early morning hours of April 27 shortly after it was discovered that his uncle had a week earlier snuck past dozens of guards, spotlights, and spy cameras around his farm home where he was being held under house arrest. Chen Guangcheng made it to Beijing and eventually to safety in the U.S. Embassy, causing a rift between Beijing and Washington.

Chinese Not Surprised By Zhang Ziyi Scandal

The Zhang Ziyi scandal may be unfounded, but trading sex for favors is part of the new China. 

Chen's Brother Likely Returned to Village, Despite Retaliation Danger

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng’s brother fled his village in a daring escape similar to his brother’s—except Chen Guangfu is now believed to have returned home one day after reaching Beijing. Paul Mooney on the fear of retaliation that has the whole Chen family worried. 

The Other Chens

There are other brave prisoners of conscience besides Chen Guangcheng worth fighting for and protecting in China.