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Chinese Government Institutionalizes People Against Their Will Every year, thousands of healthy Chinese are forcibly locked up and ‘treated’ in mental institutions, according to a new report by the Chinese Human Rights Defenders

In the Shadows  Dangerous Elements

Seeking Compensation for AIDS: Tainted-blood Victims Join Forces with Advocates


Killer At Large Banned in many countries, asbestos is being produced and used in the mainland in greater amounts than ever before.

Mainland faces explosive rise in asbestos-related lung disease

Nomadic priest keeps the faith alive

Rubble in Paradise

The Story Behind China's Tainted Milk Scandal Company feared going public with information as thousands of children were sickened

Suffering for His Art

















Power of Prayer "Underground" and state-approved Catholic churches are gradually merging in a trend that worries Beijing

Escaped Converts Aided by clandestine Christian networks, North Koreans are finding God and reaching freedom

Four Teenagers Long Road to Freedom

The New Untouchables An army of street beggars has invaded mainland cities after a change in the law; officially hailed as a step forward, the new regulations have made it difficult for the authorities to move them

About 7, and working the district

Basic but Bilingual Tibetan children are discovering that learning Putonghua doesn't mean they have to abandon their mother tongue

Language Lessons Minority languages are in danger of disappearing








Seeds of Hope  A former Hollywood screenwriter's adopted Chinese daughter inspired her to establish a foundation to help other orphaned children on the mainland

Women Need Not Apply Unskilled, untrained and often in the bottom-rung jobs, the rust-belt women have been hit hardest by the sudden shift to a market economy

Easy Streets With the gap between rich and poor widening, there's no shortage of young women willing to trade poverty for the comforts that come with the being a second wife or even a prostitute

The Kids Are Not Alright Across China, new youth gangs are fueling an alarming rise in the number and viciousness of crimes committed by juveniles

Second Wives' Club Concubines are gaining a renewed notoriety in China among men looking to mark their fortune--and young women hoping to improve theirs

Braving the Seas and More Smuggling Chinese into the U.S. means big business


Underground Church Catholic movement thrives as opposition's battle begins